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Being a Team Mom for the first time can be a little over whelming.  It's important that you communicate with your coach frequently and make sure that he knows that you are there to help him.  Although some coaches like to do everything themselves, their primary role is to coach.  Go over the following list with your coach to determine which items you will handle and whether the coach wants you to take care of additional items.

Attend the games. Besides the head coach, you are a source of information and organization for the team. You need to be able to attend most (if not all) of the games.



Get every parents contact information including name, phone numbers and email address.  Email and texting saves you from calling each parent one by one.  You'll need to know which parents accept text messages and which numbers to send text messages to.

Parents need to be informed, but they don't need to know every minute detail. Communicate with your head coach frequently and only give parents what they absolutely need to know. Otherwise, you may desensitize them to your messages.



Look at the information below to help determine what you may need parents to pay for during the season.  Let them know UP FRONT how much it will cost.  You may need to collect for uniform personalization at the beginning of the season.  Mid-Season, you will also need to collect for an end of season team party including the cost of trophies or medals to commemorate the season. Also if your team is playing in tournaments, there may be costs associated with the tournaments that you will need to collect.

Keep a list of who a has paid you and make sure you have an accurate spelling of the player's name and/or number.

MAKE YOUR PARENTS PAY UP FRONT!  DO NOT let them tell you they will pay you later unless you are willing to pay for it yourself!



Depending on your league and coach, you may be responsible for getting the names and/or numbers on the backs of the team shirts and caps.  For travel teams, you may have to help coordinate the purchase of all the uniforms, bags, equipment, etc.

  • Call around for pricing and turn around time.  Then visit the vendor you want to use to view samples of thier work.  Cheaper if not always better...but it help!
  • Ask around for references.  Some vendors are more reliable and easier to deal with than others.
  • Collect the money from the parents UP FRONT.

Don't distribute uniforms until all elements are available, ready and an adult from each family can "sign off" on having received the uniform.


Keeping score: Ask for volunteers to help you.



Prepare and overall schedule for parents.  The schedule should be in an easy to read format (next to each item state if it is a mandatory event or optional) and have this ready to hand out at the team meeting. Most leagues will have numerous handouts for the parents regarding every event that is to take place that season.   Unless they can all be emailed, help prevent any of the parents from losing these handouts by placing them in a folder for each set of parents. Divorced parent will need a set for each parent.


The schedule should include:

  • Games that are scheduled by the league or school.
  • Practices that are scheduled by your team and their coaches.
  • Tournaments and playoffs.
  • Picture Day, Opening Day, Fundraiser Events.
  • Parent that will be responsible for bringing the snacks to the game and/or practice.
  • Parent that will help with the concessions stand or press box (if necessary.  It is often simplest to have the same parent bring the snacks and help in the concessions stand.  It's less confusing and easier for parents to keep up with.  Also remember it is better to assign dates to parents rather then ask for volunteers.  You can always shuffle people around.

Email the schedule to the parents and ask parents if modifications need to be made.

Print out a wallet-size version for the parents.  It may need to be folded once to fit in the wallet.  Be sure to print enough for both parents and extras for when they are lost.


Team Roster: 

Create a team roster with players names, parents names, home and cell numbers, and e-mails.   Email this to all the parents so they can contact each other if they need to switch out volunteer responsibilities at the last minute.


End of Season Party:

It doesn't have to be at your home. (Phew!) Look into local pizza places or even the park where you play.  Figure out how much it will cost.  Be sure to include money for a coach's gift and trophies / medals to commemorate the season for the players.    Gifts for coaches may be a gift certificate to a local restaurant, a team plaque or other personalized gift.  

For Trophies, Medals and Personalized Gifts, be sure to check out our ebsite ( or drop by the store.


Leave No Trace:

Encourage the team to be responsible for the fields and/or dugouts. Ask all players to “team clean-up” the trash they've left BEFORE you hand out snacks. This encourages the children to respect the area & prevents more work for you and the coaches.


Be Prepared:

Keep an emergency snack kit in your car in case the parent forgets to bring the snack on their week.

Carry a small first-aid kit with you and include band-aids, bug repellent, medicine for sting relief and sunscreen.

Suggest bug spray/lotion AND sunscreen to parents! It is not your responsibility to make sure each child is protected from the Monster Mosquitoes or Scorching Sun, but you’ll feel better knowing the kids aren’t getting chewed or burned-up!


Dugout Tips:

The Team Mom usually helps in the dugout.  You will need to talk with your coach about this.

Make sure all players are INSIDE the fenced area unless they are the 2nd & 3rd batters and they are WEARING HELMETS.

Don’t allow baseballs, softballs and bats in the dugout once the game begins. You may become a target!  Baseballs & softballs become possible weaponry while you’re busy taking care of who’s batting next & keeping little people from dehydrating.

When players come in from the field, teach them to place their glove & hat under the bench. This helps when they scramble to find stuff!

Have players place their bat bags in one of two “safe” places – inside the closed end of the dugout OR hanging on the fence.  Do NOT allow them to be left in walkways or on ground where interference with the game may occur.



Do You Have More Tips:


If you have other great tips for team moms, please email them to  Please put "Team Mom Tips" in the Subject line of your email.  Thank you.


Note: These tips were compiled from real team mom experiences and the following websites:, and


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The trophy shop is located in Coweta county. However, we serve customers in Fayette county and Fulton county as well.

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